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Meet Dr Bronwyne Saxey, BDSc

Combining Creativity with Personal Connections

“Dentistry appealed to me because I really enjoy working with people. I like getting to know our patients and making meaningful connections with them. I also like fixing things and the more creative side of dental work. Dentistry is a great combination of the things I enjoy.”

Bronwyne earned her Bachelor of Dental Science in 2003 from the University of Western Australia and has a special interest in periodontics. Bronwyne and Michael refer their patients to each other when the other dentist offers superior care in one area, and our periodontics patients often see Bronwyne for their needs. Bronwyne, in turn, sends her more difficult wisdom teeth extractions to Michael, who has a particular talent for helping those patients.

Providing High-quality Dental Care

Bronwyne takes regular continuing education courses so she can provide her patients with the most up-to-date care. She’s been taking a dental implant course for the last couple of years. With a desire to get her laser licence, she’s currently studying to prepare for her next course. She also stays active professionally as a member of the Australian Dental Association.

In her spare time, Bronwyne enjoys crafts such as crocheting, going for walks and exercising. She has a family and loves staying busy with them. Her husband is an avid cyclist, so they enjoy bike riding as a family. They’re also involved with their local church. Bronwyne works in the soup kitchen, teaches Sunday school and volunteers for other various activities through the church.

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